Hollis Hills

Hollis Hills is a predominantly residential community located in the midst of Queens County. From its exceptional location close to Grand Central Parkway to its combination of bus and rail lines, Hollis Hills is an ideal location for commuters to call home. While reaching destinations throughout the New York City metropolitan area is easy to do from this location, Hollis Hills offers much more for its residents to enjoy.

Comprised of stunning, single-family homes, Hollis Hills also has small parks and quality schools interspersed throughout the area. The eclectic mix of architectural styles, including ranch, Tudor and colonial, add a unique charm to Hollis Hills. Given the immense appeal of Hollis Hills, you may not be surprised to learn that many of the homes carry luxury price tags. You can also find convenient amenities, including restaurants and shops, not far from the residential areas. Homes are also located within close proximity to popular Cunningham Park, which offers an exceptional selection of fun activities for residents to enjoy.

While Hollis Hills is just one of several popular communities in Queens County, it may pull together everything that you have been searching for in your next neighborhood. The variety of homes for sale in Hollis Hills today is limited yet impressive. Homes often sell quickly, which can make it challenging for some homebuyers to find their perfect property.

For sellers, competition is fierce for beautiful homes in Hollis Hills. However, even some desirable homes may remain on the market for longer periods of time. If you plan to sell soon, your top goals may be to reap the greatest return from the sale while also completing the transaction soon.

Regardless of whether your upcoming plans include buying or selling real estate in Hollis Hills, you need the skills of a qualified, experienced real estate agent to help you achieve your goals. The Raam Realty team has been serving the Hollis Hills area since 2013. We are attuned to all aspects of the local real estate market, and we are eager to start working for you. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation with our team.

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