Ruben Benjaminoff and Avi Alishaev, The Owner Of Raam Realty, Join Forces to Help Buyers With Financing.

One of the most important first steps that you can take when buying a new home is to get pre-qualified for your new mortgage. Through the short and easy loan prequalification process, you can quickly and conveniently determine what your price range is. Your mortgage loan officer will analyze your income, expenses and credit history to tell you the maximum loan amount that you qualify for. In many cases, homebuyers want to keep their loan payment within a certain range, and your loan officer can tell you what price range is suitable for your budget.

At Raam Realty, owner Avi Alishaev is committed to delivering the best buying experience possible for his valued clients throughout the Queens County area. Given the critical importance of affordable financing for many homebuyers, RaamRealty has joined forces with Ruben Benjaminoff at MortgageDepot. As a mortgage loan officer with many years of proven experience, Ruben can help buyers set up financing terms that are suitable for them. MortgageDepot offers an exceptional range of programs to accommodate a variety of needs. Through a mortgage prequalification, Ruben can give you full details on the loan programs and terms that you qualify for.

After spending a short time getting prequalified with Ruben Benjaminoff, you will be ready to continue your search for a new home with Raam Realty’s assistance. Your Raam Realty real estate agent will show you homes in a desirable area of Queens County that are priced right for you. By partnering together, MortgageDepot and RaamRealty can work closely throughout your purchase to create a wonderful buying experience. For assistance with your next purchase, reach out to MortgageDepot and RaamRealty today.